Top 7 Reasons why a new home buyer should have a builder that uses BIM

Top 7 Reasons why a new home buyer should have a builder that uses BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been around for over a decade. The tech has revolutionized the way the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry works. A vast majority of BIM service requirements have been for large-scale non-residential buildings like office spaces, stadiums, hospitals, malls, and other large-scale commercial projects. But that doesn’t mean that its scope is limited exclusively to them. Though not very common, BIM is also used for residential construction and there are huge benefits to doing so. Tim Beckman, Partner at CG Visions says, “Each building sector has its own complications of which BIM can successfully remedy”. This includes residential buildings too. Even you can use this amazing tech for your dream home. Let us look at some reason why a new buyer should have a builder that used BIM.

Reason #1: Reduces unexpected delays through coordination

BIM tools generate highly structured information with multiple dimensions that can be easily accessed and understood by all the parties involved in the project. This ensures that every person in the construction site will be doubt free as to his/her duties and responsibilities. The construction workers themselves will also be more motivated to work as they will be very clear regarding their tasks. The result of all this will be that you will be moving into your new home at the agreed upon time, maybe even earlier.

Reason #2: Need to make a quick change? No Problem

Any architect will tell you just how burdensome it is to make changes to a design drawn on paper and even to a 2D CAD drawing. What makes it even more difficult is that an alteration in one element demands a series of changes to everything else that it is connected to. Wouldn’t it be so convenient and awesome if all the secondary changes could be automatically made? And all that in just a matter of seconds? BIM can do that with ease! Doing business with a builder who has incorporated BIM ensures that you are satisfied with the design of your new home before the construction begins.

Reason #3: You will get to know how your house will look like

In the industry, 2D views are slowly becoming memories owing to a lot of limitations. Seriously, nobody likes to look at 2D images hoping to get a close to reality picture of their future home. Gladly, we now have a lot more interesting option for us in the form of ultra-realistic 3D visuals generated using BIM Tools. These drawings are near to perfect depictions of the of real thing right down to the smallest detail enabling you to stay a step ahead in planning. In a way, you are seeing the future. And with Virtual Reality (VR) within everybody’s reach, things just got a little more interesting.

Reason #4: Save Money: Get control over expenditure

BIM will save your builder a lot of money in so many ways which in turn will reduce the cost burden on you. Love at first sight (with a design) doesn’t normally happen in the industry and rebuilding something is not something that you’d easily consider. BIM can generate product schedules for windows, doors and other products so that your builder can make orders for the right amount and kind of resources. Also, its 3D ability brings into view possible conflicts that cannot be seen on paper or 2D CAD representations. This again is another cost saver. All this savings might even get you that little extra something that you always wanted.

Reason #5: Designing factor

Making changes to a normal design is not an easy task; be it a change in color or rearranging the furniture. 3D presentation models created in Revit, for example, enables quick changes to any feature like color, height, width etc. This feature is extremely handy in the design state of your home. You can even show the 3D design to your friends & family and put in their suggestions to make your home better.

Reason #6: Go Green, feel the nature

The dream of having your own LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified green home can become a reality when you do business with a builder who has implemented BIM. BIM allows for sustainable design – allowing engineers and architects working on your home to access higher tech tools to carefully analyze factors like heat gain, solar, ventilation, and energy efficiency in the actual design. For example, if you want to light your home up using sunlight, the perfect design can be made using BIM tools. Also, efficiency and accuracy can be increased by combining BIM and Energy analysis so that the most environment-friendly methods can be used right from the construction to the maintenance of the house.

Reason #7: Better Maintenance

BIM can also be of use post the construction of your home. Integrating BIM with other emerging technologies like drones can help with analyzing the house for maintenance in the future. After the construction work is done, an aerial scan of the house can provide enough information so that a periodical comparison of the present and previous condition of the house can be made. Doing so will allow any maintenance work to be identified and completed on time with proper allocation of resources required.

From the above points, it has been made clear that BIM is extremely useful for residential homeowners. The technology can be put to use from the beginning of the project until the demolition of the house. With proper implementation of the technology, people can have the dream home that they desire. Make sure that you buy your dream home from a builder who has implemented BIM.

Author-Bio: Shakti Prasad is a digital marketer at Advenser. A company offering BIM services in the AEC industry. He spends his time networking and learning new strategies in B2B to apply in AEC industry. During his leisure hours, he spends time with his friends apart from spending some quality time alone in reading, writing, cooking and sharing good thoughts.

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