Timber Paling Fence

Timber fencing is an affordable fence option in most cases. It can suit most styles of homes and is an icon of Australian homes.


There are a number of different timber fence designs that include:

  • paling;
  • custom picket;
  • horizontal merbau;
  • battens;
  • post and rail; and
  • much more.

Choose a design and type of wood that you like and that suits your home. We can also provide expert advice of what works to help you to decide on a suitable option.

What types of wood do you use?

High-quality timber used in the construction of our fences. Some of the timber types include

  • treated pine;
  • spotted gum;
  • red gum;
  • grey gum;
  • merbau; and
  • many other timber types.

If you have a type of timber that you want for your project, please let us know, in most cases, we can accommodate. Note that different timber types will incur different costs.

old timber pail fence
Do you have an old timber fence that needs to be replaced? Get a new one now!


The cost of a timber fence can vary widely and will depend on the style, size (both height and length), the gradient of the land (steeper land can be more complex to install on and can increase the cost), timber used, access to the site (if the area is difficult to access this can increase the time and cost), soil type, your location (if you are far away this can increase the cost). If you are replacing an old fence there can be a cost to remove the old fence. This means that the cost can start at about $50 per meter for the most basic option and goes up from there.


Contact us to get a quote for your project.

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