Temporary fencing is a good alternative to permanent fencing when your need is temporary.

Some applications include:

  • construction (including hoarding fencing aka privacy fencing);
  • home extension or remodeling;
  • surrounding temporarily stored plant or equipment;
  • fence off dangerous or hazardous areas for public safety or security;
  • concert and festival crowd control,
  • event perimeters,
  • environmental control;
  • general roadworks;
  • civil works; and
  • to deter theft.

It is commonly used at construction sites.

Suitable for construction companies, local businesses, event organisers, and anyone who wants fast and affordable temporary fencing delivered and installed.

Temporary fencing - Canberra
You will love locking in a great deal on your temporary fencing.

How much does a temporary fence cost?

We typically offer monthly rental. However, in some cases, we can offer per day or per week. Prices are based on the length of fence you require and charges are per linear meter. Prices typically start from $13.5 per linear meter per month depending on the amount rented, location and other factors.


Why choose us

  • Get temporary fencing FAST!
  • Competitive¬†rates!
  • Professional service!
  • Temporary fencing comes with transport, assembly/installation, then dismantling and removal at the end.

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