Kitchen Ideas: 8 Contemporary Kitchen Designs For You

Kitchen Ideas


The kitchen is the heart of every home and is considered the busiest area of the house. From entertaining guests to family meals, preparing food to host parties, the kitchen always meets the needs of the homeowner.

Nowadays, renovating kitchens are a thing. Designers and architects follow an advanced formula for upgrading a kitchen. Clean, minimal yet open and functional. These four characteristics are essential factors to achieve a contemporary look for every kitchen.

When revamping a kitchen, there are components you should consider such as space, storage, lighting, color, and comfortability. Hence, it’s crucial to plan everything thoroughly before starting a renovation project. To make kitchen revamping a little stressful, here’s a list of contemporary kitchen design ideas you can choose from.

Bright and Simple

Keep it simple and elegant. Most homeowners love bright and spacious kitchen as it can set a lively mood in the area. An all-white kitchen is one of the most elegant-looking and favorite kitchen contemporary designs.

If you’re planning to have an all-white kitchen, you can add an appliance or a chair with a different color to balance the ambiance inside the kitchen. A wooden chair and a single plant could be a great combination. In addition to this, homeowners love to work in a kitchen inviting atmosphere.

Hill Country Residence

bookcase in kitchen

This design has a contemporary flow which provides a warm setting through the whole kitchen. Designers like to mix warm and natural finishes using stained wood with local limestones or gray concrete stones.

They based it on passive and active green color features which sustain high-efficiency glazing. This design gives balance in all aspects of the kitchen area, visually and comfortability. It can be overwhelming because of the textures and features, but if you want to have an elegant-looking contemporary kitchen, this design could be your choice.

Large U-Shaped Contemporary Kitchen

U-shaped kitchens are among the favorite kitchen layouts these days. Even though a U-shaped is a typical kitchen design, it still renders a good aesthetic. Large U-shaped kitchens can accommodate many people, in this way, you can have a spacious area instead of crowded space.

You can install your island in the center of the kitchen, making the area shaped like the letter “U.” A combination of white and brown color gives a bright and welcoming ambiance inside the kitchen. Also, you can install a small chandelier in the center of the ceiling making your kitchen look neat and clean.

Start Shelving

modern design

For centuries, cabinets have always been a thing inside the kitchen. Storage to some kitchen equipment, tools, and appliances, a kitchen cabinet can be an essential addition. But there are downsides when using a kitchen cabinet.

It can take ample space in the walls. While having shelves can be more efficient as it can be more accessible and can add a modern feeling inside the kitchen. If you want, you can install a clean and unfinished wood for your shelves.

You can look for examples at showrooms located in your area. It can help you decide on what design suits for your kind of kitchen.

A Natural Wood Kitchen Design

This contemporary kitchen design boasts off its modern with a twisted scheme. It gives you the full use of the entire kitchen, from preparing the ingredients on the countertop to storing your kitchen equipment and appliances in the cabinet spaces. Not only is it efficient, but it also gives that soothing aura with its natural wood and dark gray color.

This kitchen design is also perfect for people who love the classy atmosphere. It offers a bar-like design where you can spend time having chit-chats with a little bit of wine while getting those grease off of the pans. Also, don’t forget the pendant lights which raises up the notch for classiness.

If you prefer to have an organized contemporary kitchen design, then this might be the best one for you.

A Touch of Dark Wood and Beige

Inspired by single-wall light wood and a beige floor, these contemporary kitchen design has an island and an undermount sink. The light wood and beige flooring give a natural ambiance inside the kitchen which offers your guests the comfortability they’re seeking. Also, this architectural design can be one of the most modernized kitchens there is.

This design has a combination of dark wood cabinets and beige flooring with quartzite countertops and stainless steel kitchen equipment.

L-Shaped Contemporary Kitchen

The L-shape kitchen is on the favorite list when it comes to kitchen layouts. If you have an L-shape kitchen layout, you can modernize it by installing an engineered quartz countertop with a waterfall island on it.

Have your cabinets refurbished or if you prefer having shelves then have it installed also. If you can install a white quartz countertop, then you can have your walls painted white as well. Have your cabinets and shelves in wood as they would be an excellent combination when it comes to contemporary kitchen designs.

Industrial Contemporary Design

Industrial design can be a bit foggy when it comes to modern kitchen designs. But don’t let it fool you, industrial products are one of the newest materials used for contemporary kitchens. It can look exquisite and can give you a modern-like vibe inside the kitchen.

A stainless steel backsplash and wooden stools are the main materials in a contemporary industrial kitchen.


Upgrading the recent design of your kitchen can be an expensive thing to do. You need to have a plan and a clear visualization on the design you’re most fond of. These designs listed above are excellent examples of contemporary kitchen designs.

If you’re undecided, then maybe this article could help you in choosing the best and most suitable kitchen model for your home. So start planning on your design and have your kitchen refurbished as soon as possible.

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