Construction loan / finance

It does not matter if you are a first homeowner, up or down sizing, moving or a seasoned investor looking to expand your portfolio, getting professional advice about your mortgage can literally save you thousands of dollars.

Buying or building a home is a big decision so it is important to get good advice, understand what you are in for and be prepared for it. Nowadays the lending/borrowing environment is complex and often confusing, it can be difficult to get a mortgage and even more difficult to understand if you are getting a loan that is the best for you. Each lender has their own set of eligibility criteria and the loans that different lenders offer can vary widely in cost and features. Furthermore, when it comes to construction loans finding the loan that is right for you and your situation is even more complex.

Using a specialist construction loan mortgage broker like Oak Laurel will mean that you get professional advice and assistance. Oak Laurel mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of lenders and loans including some that you probably don’t know.

Oak Laurel’s friendly mortgage experts go through your situation and finance needs. They will then sort through hundreds of mortgage and lender options to help find the most suitable loan that matches your situation and needs.

Oak Laurel has specialists in construction and mortgage finance, and can take the stress out of getting financed. Oak Laurel mortgage brokers provide information in a way that you can understand instead of complicated banking jargon. Oak Laurel can provide:

Home loans
Construction loans
Loans for first home buyers
A loan pre-approval so you know what you can bid at auction
Home loan check ups, and let you know if you should refinancing to get a better deal
Investment property loans
Debt consolidation loan options
Mortgages if you have bad credit

If you have a home loan, even if you are not ready to buy or build a new home you may benefit from a home loan check up. Most people a surprised just how much they can save on their home loan when they speak to a mortgage broker about refinancing. In the end the more that you save from paying to your bank or lender the more you can spend on other things like upgrades to your new home or even a holiday. So what are you waiting for get a home loan check up today, contact Oak Laurel!