6 things to consider when buying off the plan townhouse

Our finances and legal matters play the main role, but when buying a townhouse off the plan, there are some things that need to be considered before signing a contract with chosen developer.

Construction due date

The first thing to consider is how long will it take until you move in your new home. Some projects take longer to finish, so think about how long can you wait for your new home, as construction can take up to 2 years or even more. If the deadline doesn’t suit you or you perceive it isn’t worth waiting, for financial or other reasons, go for another option.

Location and surroundings

While analysing the plan of your potential future townhouse, take the time to think about the location. Remember it is not only about the distance from your work, school, important facilities or town centre, but also the safety of the neighbourhood and connection to other important locations in the city. Noisy and busy streets and neighbourhoods are not really desirable options. On the other side, good infrastructure, parking lot, public transportation availability and calm neighbourhood are always a plus in choosing a perfect home.


The developer of your choice should have a good reputation for the quality of the work they provide. It is not unusual for developers to go for alternatives during construction, especially when it comes to materials used while building your home, if their finances ask for adaptation. Make sure that they have a history of previous buyers who are content, so even when the materials, floorings and windows aren’t exactly like on a plan you still get a good quality.

Public utilities in the area

It is important to consider how high the bills for electricity, water, sewage and other utilities will be, as uneconomic systems are bad solutions in the long run and will greatly impact your budget in the future.

Space organisation and arrangement

Space arrangement is definitely very important, and we are all always hoping for more square meters for less money. But, what is also important is how that space is used, which is why buying a townhouse off the plan must be based on careful analysis of the space. Unlike when buying a townhouse which is already built, buying off the plan means we have to rely on plans only and try to visualise how that space will look like when the house is finished. Space must be used economically and wisely, so you get the best space arrangement possible.

House orientation

This is something many people neglect while buying their houses, but it is definitely necessary for consideration. There is a difference in having an east oriented living room or west oriented one. House and rooms orientation impacts how much natural light there will be during the day. Also, there is a difference in having a main street oriented house and having a park oriented house, so orientation definitely plays a part in choosing a perfect townhouse for your needs and should be taken into a count.

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