Luxury Home Builder

Luxury home builders specialise in constructing / building the highest quality dream homes. Luxury home builders are for wealthy individuals who can afford and are willing to pay a premium price to get a unique, innovative, top quality luxurious home. Luxury builders only take on certain build jobs. To engage a truly luxury home builder, the home construction budget must be at least $1.5 million excluding land costs.

Clients who use a luxury custom home builder often have special needs such as a high level of privacy and confidentiality. We understand that for top end wealthy clients privacy and confidentiality is a concern. A luxury builder will be able to sign an agreement not to disclosure of information about your home building project so you can be sure that your confidentiality is maintained.

Luxury home / Luxury house

What is considered as a luxury home or luxury house? A luxury home or house is considered as a large, unique, innovative, top quality home that is both visually striking and functional. Typically, these mansion style luxury homes are commissioned by wealthy individuals that want the absolute best when it comes to their home. Often instead of searching for a luxury home to meet their needs, wealthy individuals will buy a home with in the location that they want to live and knockdown the existing home and build a custom luxury mansion in its place. Building a luxury home is an expression of your needs and desires to meets you and your family’s lifestyle.

Top luxury home builder quotes

Just because you want to build your dream home with a luxury house builder does not mean that you want to overpay for it.

We can arrange competitive quotes from the top luxury home builders in your area. Many of these luxury home builders work on a referral basis only and do not advertise. This can mean that you unless you use a professional luxury builder comparison company you can miss out on getting the most competitive build price or only get quotes from ordinary builders.

Builders we approve in this category are of the highest quality and have built many homes with million dollar price tags.

Most wealthy clients who want to use a quality and professional luxury house builder do not have the time to search for and conduct the due diligence on each builder. This is where we can assist you. Let us focus on the getting you a great builders so you can focus on how you want your luxury home.

Luxury home designs

Your luxury home design is where it all starts. We can work with you, a luxury builder and a luxury home architect to develop luxury home designs that meet your needs. This means that the constraints and costs are considered in the design stage and can be adjusted accordingly and at a much lower cost. This can ensure that you get the luxury design and home that you always wanted but may have thought was not even possible.

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