Three Trendy Rooftop Outdoor Bars You Need To Visit In Melbourne, Australia

Goldilocks Bar

goldilocks rooftop bar Melbourne Australia

Goldilocks Bar is a “playful inner city Melbourne Rooftop bar” it serves food and drinks and has a focus on sustainability (no plastic straws and minimal waste production) and ethically responsible business (no animal products etc…). It can be found at Level 4, 264 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000


Imperial Hotel, Bourke Street


The Imperial Hotel on Bourke Street overlooks Melbourne Parliament House among other iconic Melbourne city centre buildings. A popular location for city workers to catch up and wind down after a hard day at the office. 2-8 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.


Loop Roof Top Bar


The Loop Roof Top Bar is a trendy hangout.  The bar has some exotic plants and a panoramic rooftop view. The funny balls on wires also make for an interesting design. The Loop Roof Top Bar is located at Level 3, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne, VIC, 3000.

Retaining wall installation Canberra: builder, supplier & installer

Retaining walls installer Canberra

A retaining wall is a great way to improve the usable space on your property. Sloping blocks can impact the area available for your home or home extension. It can also impact the usable outdoor area. A retaining way may be a solution!


Retaining walls can offer many benefits. The obvious one is that it can increase the level area available. Some other benefits may be:

  • keeps soil in place,
  • prevents sink holes
  • eliminates dirt piles and hills
  • Prevention of flooding
  • Prevention of erosion
  • Prevention of damage to property and structures.


There is a range of different materials that you can make a retaining wall with.

Some common materials include:

  • Timber
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Natural stone boulders
timber retaining wall
Timber retaining wall


There is a range of different types of retaining wall structures including:

  • Gravity
  • Cantilevered
  • Anchored
  • Soil-strengthened
  • Sheet piling
  • Soil nailing
  • Bored pile
  • Mechanical stabilization


Contact us for a quote on your retaining wall project.

See more about retaining wall installation.

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Retaining walls builder, supplier & installer

Retaining wall installation

Need a high quality retaining wall at affordable prices? Get the installation of retaining walls for both residential and commercial purposes.

We can help you find the retaining wall solution that best suits your site, style and budget.

Benefits of Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining walls can have a range of benefits including:

  • Add value to your property.
  • Can add usable space to your property
  • Affordable prices
  • Increase the versatility of a space.

Retaining wall materials

Timber retaining walls are very popular because they look great. However, there is a range of different materials to choose from that can also meet your needs.

Some of the retaining wall materials you have to choose from include:

  • Timber: A number of different timer types can be used. Commonly used timber types include treated pine, treated hardwood and railway sleepers.
  • Concrete: Concrete can be used as poured concrete but also as concrete blocks and concrete bricks.
  • Brick: Bricks can be used as either bare or as rendered.
  • Natural stone boulders: Natural stone can look great but can be more time consuming and expensive than other materials.
timber retaining wall
Timber retaining wall
brick retaining wall
Short brick retaining wall

Types of retaining walls

There is a range of different types of retaining walls including:

  • Gravity
  • Cantilevered
  • Anchored
  • Sheet piling
  • Soil nailing
  • Bored pile
  • Soil-strengthened
  • Mechanical stabilization

Each type has its advantages, disadvantages and where they should or shouldn’t be used. They also have different cost structures.

Costs / Price

The cost structure will depend on:

  • the type of materials used;
  • the height;
  • the length;
  • the design and planning requirements;
  • any excavation required;
  • any drainage requirements;
  • where you are located; and
  • if your job is urgent.

Contact us for a quote of your specific project. However, here are some general guidelines about the typical costs:

  • $250 to $350 /m2 for treated timber (pine)
  • $300 to $450 /m2 for treated timber sleepers (hardwood)
  • $300 to $550 /m2 for sandstone blocks
  • $400 to $680 /m2 for reinforced concrete blocks
  • $550 to $700 /m2 for concrete besser blocks

For more information on the Retaining walls, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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Fence installers: Fencing company, contractors, construction, installation & repair

Fence installation

Need help with your fencing?

We can help you install a new fence or repair your existing fence. Contact us to get a quote for your job!

Fencing quote

Want a new fence but not sure of which type of fence to choose? We can help with that too!

Has your fence been damaged or just too old? We are here to help!

We offer a range of fence types

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to fence installation. Our range of fence types includes but is not limited to:

  • Boundary
  • Colorbond
  • Picket
  • Silt
  • Glass
  • Paling
  • Privacy
  • Pool
  • Glass pool
  • Chain link
  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Much more!
Fence installers fencing company contractors construction installation and repair
Pail fence

Automatic Electric Gates

We also offer a range of types of gates that can be integrated into your fence. This includes automatic gates. Types of electric automatic gates include:

  • Sliding
  • Swing

Fence Applications

We offer fences for a range of applications including:

  • Domestic house fences
  • Commercial property fences
  • Industrial property fences

Fence Materials

We also offer fences in a range of materials. If you have a special type of material you need let us know. Typical materials include:

  • Timber / Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

Fence installation price/cost

We are sure that you want an affordable fence installation! We have you covered. Because we install a wide range of fence types from a wide range of materials it is difficult to provide a cost estimate so it is best that you contact us for a quote for your specific job. Other factors that may influence the price of installing a fence include:

  • Size
  • Complexity
  • Slope of the land
  • Height of the fence
  • If gates are included
  • Location of the property
  • Urgency of the job

How long does fence installation take?

Fence installation can be very quick. However, the time taken will vary and depend on how busy the installers are and how many jobs, if any, are in the queue. Some types of fences are quick to install and can take a couple of hours and others are more difficult and time-consuming to install. We can estimate the time that it will take when we give you a quote for your specific job. Contact us now to get a quote.

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Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Ideas: 8 Contemporary Kitchen Designs For You


The kitchen is the heart of every home and is considered the busiest area of the house. From entertaining guests to family meals, preparing food to host parties, the kitchen always meets the needs of the homeowner.

Nowadays, renovating kitchens are a thing. Designers and architects follow an advanced formula for upgrading a kitchen. Clean, minimal yet open and functional. These four characteristics are essential factors to achieve a contemporary look for every kitchen.

When revamping a kitchen, there are components you should consider such as space, storage, lighting, color, and comfortability. Hence, it’s crucial to plan everything thoroughly before starting a renovation project. To make kitchen revamping a little stressful, here’s a list of contemporary kitchen design ideas you can choose from.

Bright and Simple

Keep it simple and elegant. Most homeowners love bright and spacious kitchen as it can set a lively mood in the area. An all-white kitchen is one of the most elegant-looking and favorite kitchen contemporary designs.

If you’re planning to have an all-white kitchen, you can add an appliance or a chair with a different color to balance the ambiance inside the kitchen. A wooden chair and a single plant could be a great combination. In addition to this, homeowners love to work in a kitchen inviting atmosphere.

Hill Country Residence

bookcase in kitchen

This design has a contemporary flow which provides a warm setting through the whole kitchen. Designers like to mix warm and natural finishes using stained wood with local limestones or gray concrete stones.

They based it on passive and active green color features which sustain high-efficiency glazing. This design gives balance in all aspects of the kitchen area, visually and comfortability. It can be overwhelming because of the textures and features, but if you want to have an elegant-looking contemporary kitchen, this design could be your choice.

Large U-Shaped Contemporary Kitchen

U-shaped kitchens are among the favorite kitchen layouts these days. Even though a U-shaped is a typical kitchen design, it still renders a good aesthetic. Large U-shaped kitchens can accommodate many people, in this way, you can have a spacious area instead of crowded space.

You can install your island in the center of the kitchen, making the area shaped like the letter “U.” A combination of white and brown color gives a bright and welcoming ambiance inside the kitchen. Also, you can install a small chandelier in the center of the ceiling making your kitchen look neat and clean.

Start Shelving

modern design

For centuries, cabinets have always been a thing inside the kitchen. Storage to some kitchen equipment, tools, and appliances, a kitchen cabinet can be an essential addition. But there are downsides when using a kitchen cabinet.

It can take ample space in the walls. While having shelves can be more efficient as it can be more accessible and can add a modern feeling inside the kitchen. If you want, you can install a clean and unfinished wood for your shelves.

You can look for examples at showrooms located in your area. It can help you decide on what design suits for your kind of kitchen.

A Natural Wood Kitchen Design

This contemporary kitchen design boasts off its modern with a twisted scheme. It gives you the full use of the entire kitchen, from preparing the ingredients on the countertop to storing your kitchen equipment and appliances in the cabinet spaces. Not only is it efficient, but it also gives that soothing aura with its natural wood and dark gray color.

This kitchen design is also perfect for people who love the classy atmosphere. It offers a bar-like design where you can spend time having chit-chats with a little bit of wine while getting those grease off of the pans. Also, don’t forget the pendant lights which raises up the notch for classiness.

If you prefer to have an organized contemporary kitchen design, then this might be the best one for you.

A Touch of Dark Wood and Beige

Inspired by single-wall light wood and a beige floor, these contemporary kitchen design has an island and an undermount sink. The light wood and beige flooring give a natural ambiance inside the kitchen which offers your guests the comfortability they’re seeking. Also, this architectural design can be one of the most modernized kitchens there is.

This design has a combination of dark wood cabinets and beige flooring with quartzite countertops and stainless steel kitchen equipment.

L-Shaped Contemporary Kitchen

The L-shape kitchen is on the favorite list when it comes to kitchen layouts. If you have an L-shape kitchen layout, you can modernize it by installing an engineered quartz countertop with a waterfall island on it.

Have your cabinets refurbished or if you prefer having shelves then have it installed also. If you can install a white quartz countertop, then you can have your walls painted white as well. Have your cabinets and shelves in wood as they would be an excellent combination when it comes to contemporary kitchen designs.

Industrial Contemporary Design

Industrial design can be a bit foggy when it comes to modern kitchen designs. But don’t let it fool you, industrial products are one of the newest materials used for contemporary kitchens. It can look exquisite and can give you a modern-like vibe inside the kitchen.

A stainless steel backsplash and wooden stools are the main materials in a contemporary industrial kitchen.


Upgrading the recent design of your kitchen can be an expensive thing to do. You need to have a plan and a clear visualization on the design you’re most fond of. These designs listed above are excellent examples of contemporary kitchen designs.

If you’re undecided, then maybe this article could help you in choosing the best and most suitable kitchen model for your home. So start planning on your design and have your kitchen refurbished as soon as possible.

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Automatic Gates Canberra | Automated Electric Gate

Electric Automatic gate installation Canberra ACT

Installation of a wide range of automated gates:

  • swing
  • sliding
  • telescopic
Automatic Gates Canberra Automated Electric Gate
A swinging automatic gate.

Automatic Electric Gates & Accessories

Automatic Electric Gates have become very popular with residential and commercial clients. Automated or electric gates can greatly improve your home or business premises. They can provide security and privacy with the convenience of automation.

Providing both privacy and security for greater peace of mind, most automated gates can even come with battery back-up, so in the event of a power failure, you can still easily get into your property.

Swing or Slide Electric Gates

Swing and slide gates each have their advantages and disadvantages. Some entrances require a sliding gate.

Sliding gates are usually required on premises that have a small footprint or are in areas where it is not functional to have a gate swing.

Sliding gates have the challenge of needing to run along tracks. The tracks need to be located on a flat surface to work properly.

Size & Number

Depending on your entrance you may need a larger gate or two gates. Larget gates or multiple gates are generally more expensive than smaller and less gates.


How an automatic gate will powered is often overlooked. If power isn’t connected to the location of the gate it will need to be connected. This is usually not expensive to connect power unless a connection point is far away. However, it is nececary to connect power from the grid or the gate will not function.

Solar Power

Solar power can be a good option to help reduce gate power costs. This is especially so if the gate is opened and closed during daylight hours.

How much do electric gates cost to install?

Given the wide variety and sizes, prices can vary immensely.

Residential automatic gate installation cost generally starts from $1000 and increase from there. If the gate includes additional security features or more sophisticated systems, like an intercom, then prices typically start from $1,500 and upwards.

Auto Gate Accessories

There are a number of accessories that you may want, these include:

  • Solar panel power kit
  • Remote controls
  • Digital keypads
  • Swipe card access systems
  • Electronic locks
  • Photo sensor beams
  • Video and audio intercoms
  • Utility key switch systems


Contact us to get a quote for your project.

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Temporary fencing – Canberra

Temporary fencing is a good alternative to permanent fencing when your need is temporary.

Some applications include:

  • construction (including hoarding fencing aka privacy fencing);
  • home extension or remodeling;
  • surrounding temporarily stored plant or equipment;
  • fence off dangerous or hazardous areas for public safety or security;
  • concert and festival crowd control,
  • event perimeters,
  • environmental control;
  • general roadworks;
  • civil works; and
  • to deter theft.

It is commonly used at construction sites.

Suitable for construction companies, local businesses, event organisers, and anyone who wants fast and affordable temporary fencing delivered and installed.

Temporary fencing - Canberra
You will love locking in a great deal on your temporary fencing.

How much does a temporary fence cost?

We typically offer monthly rental. However, in some cases, we can offer per day or per week. Prices are based on the length of fence you require and charges are per linear meter. Prices typically start from $13.5 per linear meter per month depending on the amount rented, location and other factors.


Why choose us

  • Get temporary fencing FAST!
  • Competitive rates!
  • Professional service!
  • Temporary fencing comes with transport, assembly/installation, then dismantling and removal at the end.

Contact us to get a measure and quote.

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Colorbond Fencing – Canberra

Colorbond Fence

Colorbond fences are growing in popularity. More and more people are choosing to install a Colorbond fence. They look great from both sides, are sturdy and long lasting.

A Colorbond fence - Two different colours.
A Colorbond fence – Two different colours.

The Benefits

  • Colorbond looks amazing!
  • Modern looking design.
  • You can choose a color that you like!
  • Looks great from both sides. No railings on one side.
  • Colorbond is tough and long lasting!
  • No termite problems.
  • Almost maintenance free. No painting! Can be cleaned with a hose!


Colorbond fencing can be used almost anywhere! It can be used as a boundary fence, front fence, and even a swimming pool fence. It can also be used if the land is flat or on a steep slope. It really does have almost limitless applications.

What is Colorbond fencing?

Is a type of fence made from Colorbond steel.

Zincalume steel (steel coated with a mix of zinc and aluminium for corrosion resistance) is coated/bonded with a special colour. These colour coated steel sheets are then pressed into different panel types (e.g. rib configurations). These panels are also used in other applications such as for roofing. A Colorbond fence is made up of the Colorbond panels, posts, caps and other items (screws and bolts etc…).

How much does it cost to put up a Colorbond fence?

A typical price per meter is $75-$80/ per meter. However, the price will depend on a range of factors such as the size (small jobs are more expensive in $ per meter) and complexity of the job (more complex jobs are more expensive in $ per meter). The price could be as low as $70 or as high as over $200 per meter. Gates usually adds complexity.

How high is a standard Colorbond fence?

Standard Colorbond fences are available in 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m high. Custom heights are also available. However, there are certain hights required for some applications such as swimming pool fencing. You can check with your local council to see if you have fence height requirements for your property area.

How Wide Is A Colorbond Fence Panel?

Panels vary in width. A standard panel is 2.38m wide, however, it may be 2.1m, 2.365m, 2.4m, 3.125m, 3.15m or other lengths depending on the manufacturer.

Contact us about your project.

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Timber Paling Fencing – Canberra

Timber Paling Fence

Timber fencing is an affordable fence option in most cases. It can suit most styles of homes and is an icon of Australian homes.


There are a number of different timber fence designs that include:

  • paling;
  • custom picket;
  • horizontal merbau;
  • battens;
  • post and rail; and
  • much more.

Choose a design and type of wood that you like and that suits your home. We can also provide expert advice of what works to help you to decide on a suitable option.

What types of wood do you use?

High-quality timber used in the construction of our fences. Some of the timber types include

  • treated pine;
  • spotted gum;
  • red gum;
  • grey gum;
  • merbau; and
  • many other timber types.

If you have a type of timber that you want for your project, please let us know, in most cases, we can accommodate. Note that different timber types will incur different costs.

old timber pail fence
Do you have an old timber fence that needs to be replaced? Get a new one now!


The cost of a timber fence can vary widely and will depend on the style, size (both height and length), the gradient of the land (steeper land can be more complex to install on and can increase the cost), timber used, access to the site (if the area is difficult to access this can increase the time and cost), soil type, your location (if you are far away this can increase the cost). If you are replacing an old fence there can be a cost to remove the old fence. This means that the cost can start at about $50 per meter for the most basic option and goes up from there.


Contact us to get a quote for your project.

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Tips for Investing Wisely in Brisbane Property Market

The great Aussie dream has for decades been that of buying a family home with a white picket fence. This dream is now being superseded with the popular goal of buying multiple properties. But, where do you invest your hard-earned money? What city is going to give you the best return on investment?

Brisbane Property

Tim McIntyre from recently wrote,“Property doom and gloom is upon us as markets cool around the nation, but this city [Brisbane] is offering growth potential and plenty of tenants for investors.”

The Affordable Property Guide for the first half of 2018 from PRD name Brisbane as the country’s most affordable and livable city, due to slow growth in purchase prices and rents. They state, “Brisbane proves to be the most affordable and livable capital city, with the average livable cost of only 5%.”

Property Investment Brisbane
Have a strategy before you invest!

But, let the buyer beware. It is crucial you do your research to ensure you are buying property in a growth area, a property that will offer the best return. A Property Management Strategy should be considered. To ensure you are making the best decisions when investing in the Brisbane property market, your strategy should include:

  1. Research the Best Locations in Brisbane Property Investment: In comparison with Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane is currently touted to be the best choice for property investors by some financial and property advisors. Thorough research of the Brisbane region must be carried out to determine the best performing suburb and the types of property available.

Recently, Sasha Karen from Smart Property Investment reported “Overall, metro Brisbane was in demand and price growth was positive. With a rise in demand of 16.6 per cent and a median price rise of 5.65 per cent to $556,000, the eastern region of Brisbane was the highest in demand and saw the biggest median price growth.”

  1. Establish a Strong Foundation: With property investment there are risks, but with a strong foundation and a good strategy and planning these risks can be minimised. Ensure to assess your savings, establish a solid income stream and speak with a financial advisor to discuss your property investment goals. A financial advisor will take the time to understand your goals, objectives and risk profile.
  2. Know Your Investment Ability: Once you have assessed your financial status, the next step is to review your investment potential. How much money can you borrow? How much will the property cost? What are the added costs when purchasing a property?

ASIC’s Money Smart website states “Some of the costs involved with property investment include: stamp duty, conveyancing fees, search fees, legal costs, and pest and building reports.If you borrowed to invest, you will also have mortgage repayments, and if your investment is positively geared you may pay tax on your rental income.”

Financial Adviser Brisbane - Your Future Strategy
Consulting a financial advisor can be a good idea. But choose wisely as there are some sharks out there!


  1. Get Good Advice: It is imperative that you get good independent advice before investing. A professional property adviser, Brisbane will use their experience and knowledge to help you find the right investment property to meet your financial status, lifestyle, portfolio and long-term investment goals.
  1. Research Investment Properties: In Brisbane, you will come across a variety of property options meeting your requirements. Researching the region, the infrastructure, and demographics will help you get the perfect property. For first-time property investors, you may want to start small perhaps a unit or duplex to dip your toe in the water. Speak to real estate agents, visit properties, and examine the rental income for that type of property in that area.
  2. Consult A Mortgage Broker“A mortgage broker is a type of financial adviser who specialises in helping people find a home loan. After the selection of a home loan, the right mortgage broker can also manage the application process for you and provide tailored advice along the way, helping you secure the home loan.” Justine Davies.
Mortgage Broker Australia
Consult a mortgage broker.

If you are going to use a mortgage broker do your homework. Find out what the banks are currently offering so you know if they are giving you the best deal. Ask the broker questions, find out which lenders they deal with and what commissions they will be paid.

Ultimately, make sure the broker knows your financial situation and understands your borrowing needs.

  1. Reap the Tax Benefits: While owning an investment property has its risks it can also offer excellent tax benefits. As a landlord, you claim a wide range of tax deductions from the expenses related to your rental property including the interest on the loan of your tenanted property. Your financial or tax adviser is best suited to advise you what you can claim.

If you are considering investing in the Brisbane property market, then seek advice from a local financial advisor who can prepare your property management strategy. 

Brisbane may be “hot” now but the long-term prospects in Melbourne are likely to be much better. Melbourne has been widely forecast to become Australia’s largest city by population. Like elsewhere in the world, the bigger the city the higher the demand for property and the higher the prices rise.

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