A House and Land Package in Craigieburn Could Be Exactly What You’re Looking For

Are you looking for a new home? Are you thinking about buying a house and land package, but aren’t sure what this means or where to start looking?

We’ve all been there. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you hop on-board the real estate train. But there’s good news: if you want to know more about house and land packages (and what’s so great about them) then everything you need to know is right here.

If you’re wondering about where to buy, a great up-and-coming place to buy house and land packages is Melbourne’s northern suburb of Craigieburn, for those who want a relaxed, enjoyable, lifestyle home not too far from the CBD. Craigieburn might be exactly the place you’re looking for. Don’t miss out – read on to find out more about Craigieburn and house and land packages.

What Do I Need to Know About House and Land Packages?

It seems like everyone is talking about house and land packages these days. Nobody wants to miss out on a great opportunity. But be honest – you aren’t really sure what it’s all about. But never fear: this guide will walk you through the whole process.

So, let’s jump right in. A house and land package is just what it sounds like: you’re buying land and a house in a package deal, rather than separately.

However, you will still have two separate contracts in a house and land package – one for the land and developer, and one for the house and builder. Firstly, you’ll settle on the land, then pay a deposit on the house and pay off the house in instalments in agreement with the builder over the course of the building process.

Basically, a house and land package could be just what you need. But you might be wondering: should you buy a house and land package? What are the benefits? Keep reading to find out.

Top Ten Reasons to Invest in A House and Land Package

If you’re new to real estate and home buying, you might be wondering – what’s so great about a house and land package? Fair enough – so here’s ten reasons you should invest in a brand-new house and land package today.

1. First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG)

For first time home owners in Victoria, you could be eligible for the First Home Owner’s Grant. This is a benefit available for homes up to $750,000, and you can receive up to $10,000.

To find out more about the first home owner’s grant, see the State Revenue of Victoria website.

2. Stamp Duty Benefits

Believe it or not, if you buy a house and land package in Craigieburn, Victoria, you could be eligible for stamp duty benefits. How’s that, you might wonder? Well, stamp duty is a tax you pay for the transfer of land from one owner to another.

You’d usually have to pay stamp duty on an established house as part of this tax. But here’s the kicker – when you buy a house and land package, the house and land have separate contracts, which means you only pay the stamp duty for the land contract. This could save you thousands of dollars during the buying process. How’s that for a benefit?

To calculate stamp duty, use the calculator on the State Revenue of Victoria website here.

3. The Market Value of Your New Home Is Set to Increase

According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics, residential property prices in Melbourne have seen massive growth just this year – from the June quarter in 2016 to the June quarter in 2017, residential property prices have increased by 13% and in this year alone from the March quarter to the June quarter, there has already been a positive three per cent change.

As these house and land prices increase, most people who are buying today are seeing the market value of their property increase while they build. You can sit back and relax while your house and land accumulates value.

4. You Have More Freedom to Customise

Sadly, when you buy an established property, you might have to miss out on some of those features you really wanted. However, when you buy a house and land package, you can work with the builder to accommodate your needs and budget, to create a home that will suit the land and your vision of your ideal home. Make sure to check what can and cannot be done with your builder before you sign the contract.

So don’t settle for second best – buy a house and land package and choose a design that fits your family lifestyle.

5. There Are Little to No Renovations or Maintenance

The bottom line is that buying established means potentially spending more money trying to bring the property up to your standards. On the other hand, when you buy a house and land package, you’re setting yourself up for an easy transition into your new home, with little to no upkeep or maintenance.

Renovations, alterations, and maintenance all drive up the costs of building and buying a new home. The truth is, you can save money and time buying new, and relax without the hassle of revamping an established house.

6. A Package Deal Takes The Hassle Out of Building

A house and land package is the simplest way to build if you don’t want surprise complications or disruptions. By contrast, when you buy land and then build a house in separate deals, there’s more chance for problems that crop up that you wouldn’t have with a package deal. The bottom line is, you could have to dig out rock, have issues with the location and efficiency of services like sewerage and water supply and even the quality of the soil. These will affect what kind of house you can buy, and add lots of costs to the process of building.

On the other hand, when you buy a house and land package, someone will have done all this checking work for you. The house and land will be compatible and tests will have already been done to make sure the house will be suitable for the land. This means heaps of the work has been done for you already, and there’s less chance for surprises.

7. A New Home Means the Best the Market Currently Has to Offer

Buying a new house and land package not only means that you’re getting a brand-new home, it means you’re getting the latest in industry design and technology.

For those who want a modern home with the best the market currently has to offer, it’s better to buy new. If you’re a first home buyer and want to start fresh with a home that you can really call your own, a house and land package is for you.

8. The Latest in Environmentally-Friendly and Money-Saving Design

The truth is, we live in an age where people are more conscious of their carbon footprint and the eco-friendliness of their houses. And the more we advance in the building industry, the better we have become at learning to design fixtures and fittings that will save money and the environment.

That means newer houses are often built with more environmentally-friendly fittings and materials than older homes. The key is to check with the builder to make sure your new home is being made with the right resources.

9. Tax Depreciation Benefits

You really can’t afford to miss out on the tax depreciation benefits that come with buying a house and land package. You can claim tax on depreciable assets like the construction, rates, fixtures and fittings, and even interest payments.

Of course, these benefits are maximum when the property is newest, which means a house and land package is great for your bank account.

10. Think of the Tenants

If you are planning on renting out the property, then tenants will always be attracted to new fixtures and fittings and brand-new designs. It will make your property much more attractive and mean a quicker return on your investment.

Why Craigieburn Is a Great Place to Buy a House and Land Package Today

Those were just a few of the great reasons to buy a house and land package – but where should you buy it?

Craigieburn is booming with possibilities for new buyers at the moment – it’s got great city views of Melbourne’s CBD just under 30km away from Mount Ridley, the northernmost point of the suburb.

It’s a mix of old and new – some of the older areas can feel like driving down a quiet country lane, while there’s still lots of new facilities, schools, shops, and restaurants to bring the community together.

According to The Australian columnist Bernard Salt, a high-profile Melbourne-based Partner of the global advisory firm KPMG, “The big players are right now carving new residential estates from Tarneit and Truganina to Plumpton, Delahey and Craigieburn.”

Getting around Craigieburn is Easy

There’s nothing worse than not being able to get around, but Craigieburn is conveniently located on the Hume Highway and the Hume Freeway, making it a 45 minute car trip to the city. To find train routes to and from the city, check out the Craigieburn Line on the Public Transport Victoria website.

If you’re going to be using the bus, there are plenty of buses running in the suburb that can get you from A to B. See the Craigieburn bus network for a visual map.

Parks and Nature in Craigieburn

Craigieburn has a great environment with plenty of greenery and lots of parks. The Craigieburn Grassland Nature Conservation Reserve is protected under the National Parks Act. Craigieburn ANZAC Park has an aquatic and leisure centre, a lawn for events, a picnic area, athletics pavilion, ANZAC memorial, running track, and play spaces.

For off-leash areas to take your pet, the Craigieburn Dog Park is a great option.

For a complete list of parks and reserves in Craigieburn, click for Craigieburn Parks & Reserves on the Hume City Council website.

Craigieburn Community and Services

Have you been wondering about the hospital and medical services on offer? The Craigieburn Health Service is a public hospital with outpatient and day services, and a popular family clinic is the Modern Medical clinic.

Your pets are also in good hands with the Craigieburn Animal Hospital.

Craigieburn takes crime seriously, and has a 24hr Police Station and a Fire Station. There is also a Craigieburn Youth Centre which has programs and events for young people.

Nearby Schools, TAFEs, and Universities in Craigieburn

You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect school, TAFE, or university in the Victorian suburb of Craigieburn. There’s plenty of educational facilities to choose from; just take your pick.

If you’re looking for Primary Schools for your kids, the highest-rated (4.5+ rating) primary schools with Google Maps ratings are: Willmott Park Primary School, Craigieburn Primary School, Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School, and Newbury Primary School.

Other well-rating schools include Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, Craigieburn South Primary School, and Aitken Creek Primary School. There’s so many options you’re bound to find the perfect school.

If you’re looking for High Schools, there are two major schools to choose from, including others in the surrounding suburbs. Craigieburn high school students can attend Craigieburn Secondary College or Mount Ridley College.

For uni students, you’ve got great options. Closest to Craigieburn lies the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and La Trobe University.

Plus, closer to the CBD, there’s the Victoria University, The University of Melbourne, and Deakin University.

What Else Is There to Do In Craigieburn?

Sports are popular in Craigieburn, and in Melbourne in general. The good news is that there’s plenty of clubs and centres for sports and fitness fans in Craigieburn. The Craigieburn Football Club plays in the Essendon District Football League. There’s also the AFL Richmond Football Club, the Craigieburn City FC soccer club, and the Craigieburn Phoenix rugby league club, and the Craigieburn Gold Club.

Do you want a close gym nearby with heaps of great facilities? Craigieburn has a great Leisure Centre which includes group fitness, spa and sauna, a heated indoor pool, childcare, basketball and netball courts, gymnasium, cardio theatre, rooms for hire, and an outdoor toddlers’ pool.

For the more adventurous types, Craigieburn has over 15 km of hiking and biking trails, and a BMX track behind the Craigieburn Leisure Centre. There is also a skate park at the D.S. Aitken Reserve.

The Craigieburn Sporting Club is great for functions, dining in, utilising the members bar, and playing golf.

Craigieburn Central is the main shopping centre in Craigieburn, and has all the major stores and supermarkets, including Coles, Woolworths, Big W, and Target. There are also cinemas and a multitude of specialty stores.

Other centres include the Highlands Shopping Centre and the Craigieburn Plaza Shopping Centre. There is also a Bunnings Warehouse, which can come in handy during the moving and building process.

Craigieburn is a promising community just waiting for you. A house and land package in this up-and-coming area could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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